How Full Is Your Hope Tank?

Nov 27, 2022    Dr Jim Brown

Jim Brown's Expanded Teaching Paraphrase • Phil 4:8-9

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

An essential life principle that will make you happier and more joyful, though it will require effort, is to fill your minds and thoughts with the things that are true, outstanding, noble, honorable, positive, compelling and gracious.

Search for the good, recognize it and thank God for it. Don’t dwell on all the bad and evil. Think about the beautiful, not the ugly. About things you can praise God for, not the disgusting.

Again, it takes effort and practice to do this and make it a habit, but if you do you will be blessed with the peace of God that others only wished they had.

Don’t be surprised if in time many of your family and friends notice and want what you have so be ready to share joyfully about all that the Lord has done for you.

How full is your hope tank?