40 Days of PEACE

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40 Days of PEACE
Day 32 | PEACE BE TO THIS HOUSE | Luke 10:5


Luke 10:5
“Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace be to this house.’”

Jesus spoke these words to the larger group of seventy disciples as He sent them out into the city two by two to share the Good News about the Kingdom of God. This is also the section where Jesus says, “The harvest is truly great, but the laborers are few.”

These disciples would need to stay with accommodating townsfolk as they did their missionary-type work, and when someone would offer them accommodation (food and lodging), they were to provide the blessing of, “Peace be to this house.”

Not every townsperson was so accommodating to these disciples, but for those who were, the Lord authorized a blessing of PEACE to their home and family.

As I read these opening verses of this chapter, it struck me that MANY people today are also ripe for harvesting – if you’ll excuse the expression.  Many today are looking for something or someONE who is bigger than life as they’re experiencing it, bigger than the virus, bigger than the economy, and so on.  People today are looking for Someone who can heal and fix the world in which they live.  Many are looking for Jesus… to heal their soul, assure them of heaven, and give them PEACE in these times.

I wonder what people would say if we started asking: “Are you looking for more peace in your life?”

There seems to be less peace in the world today than I can ever remember.  People are upset and worried and fearful and angry about so MANY things.

But God – I love that expression – but God offers you and me and the person next door and the person around the corner and EVERYONE you know… PEACE.

Prayer: LORD, lead me to the person or people whom you want me to ask about their peace – and ultimately – their relationship with YOU… the author and finisher of peace. Thank You for the peace of God that passes all understanding.  Amen.
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