40 Days of PEACE

Dr Jim Brown's TruNorth Devotional
40 Days of PEACE
Day 31 | THE LORD BLESSES WITH PEACE | from Psalm 29


From Psalm 29
2Honor the LORD for the glory of his name.
 Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.”
 “11The LORD gives his people strength.
 The Lord blesses them with peace.”

 This encouraging psalm – simply titled a Psalm of David – describes the strength of a storm but focuses on the voice and power of God.  The psalm is one of pure praise and repeats the name of the LORD eighteen times and the “voice of the Lord” seven.

 I selected verses 2 and 11 for this devotional as each tells us something important.
 First, we are to "HONOR the LORD."  Although many sections of Scripture tell us to do so, here, we are to do so simply “for the glory of his name”!

 Ponder His name: LORD.  (And when we see LORD in all caps in English – as it is here – it means Yahweh, God’s name, in Hebrew. So sacred to the Jews that they wouldn’t ever say it).

 In Exodus 3 we learn that when Moses was about to return to his people with the tablets, he asked God, “Who should I say has sent me?” God answered, “I am that I am. Tell them ‘I Am’” has sent you.

 Ponder that. God, our Lord, is the “I AM” of history, the universe, everything.
 So, when we honor His name and holiness, we are not making anything up; we are just acknowledging reality… that our LORD God is above all, knows all, is all-powerful and everywhere present… and so much more!

 Then, because of that praise and worship, the LORD will give his people – that includes you and me – STRENGTH and will bless us with PEACE.

 You may wonder, HOW will He do that?  My simple theological answer is, “No problem; it’s easy! After all, He’s God, and we’re not.”

Prayer: LORD, thank YOU for who You are and that I can have a relationship with You.  Lord, I do desire Your blessing of strength and peace.  Remind me – through Your Spirit – to spend MORE TIME praising Your name, holiness, strength, knowledge, and power. You are Yahweh, the great I AM.  Amen.
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