40 Days of PEACE

Dr Jim Brown's TruNorth Devotional
40 Days of PEACE
Day 10 | AS YOU GROW | 2 Peter 1:2

2 Peter 1:2
“May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.”

Ok, get real. Who wouldn’t want more PEACE today?  Grace, sure, why not? I want more of that too. But Peace? Definitely!

So, what is Peter – led by the Holy Spirit – saying here?

He’s saying that God will give you – the reader – more grace AND peace.  That’s a terrific promise, but is there a catch?

Yes, there is. The verse continues and says… “AS YOU GROW.” 

Newborn babies are LITTLE… we all understand that.  Then, bit by bit, week by week, they grow.  In fact, at first, we tell their age in weeks, “She’s 12 weeks old!” And what would those dear relatives say if they looked at our “12-week-old” and saw a 7-pound newborn? Except for VERY rare exceptions, they would run for the phone to call Child Protective Services!  You see, we expect a baby to GROW. That’s what is expected and proper and healthy.

Peter is suggesting something similar here. He’s telling of God’s offer of something Christians wanted and needed then… and now: “GRACE and PEACE.”  But it’s tied to GROWTH, “in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.”

How would others – who are followers of Jesus and who also know you – describe your spiritual condition in terms of human growth? Do you think they would say you’re more like a “baby Christian,” a “mature Christian,” an “immature Christian,” or perhaps something in-between?

What would YOU say about yourself? What would the LORD say about you?

Peter’s letters encouraged the Believers then (and now) to continue to GROW in their faith. The payoff of Grace and Peace is BIG but living a Christ-Centered life has even BIGGER benefits!

Prayer: LORD, I admit I’m not always living for You as I should.  Help me to put YOU first and truly make You my LORD. I’m ready to receive more Grace and Peace, as you promised. Amen.
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