40 Days of WORDS

Dr Jim Brown's TruNorth Devotional
40 Days of Words
Day 33 | WHAT LASTS FOREVER? | 1 Peter 1:25

1 Peter 1:25
“But the word of the Lord remains forever.” (ESV)

Remember the last time you were at a public or college library?  I can even remember being in the “stacks” at a college university library… ALL of those books NOT available in the “main library.”  In both cases – wow – what a ton of books!

Have you looked at how many books are for sale on Amazon?  I just did… nearly 50 million books are in print on Amazon today: hardbacks, paperbacks, and e-books.

Lots of words.  Some are worth reading, and – well – some are not. But lots of words.
And so the Apostle Peter tells us something important here, paralleling from Isaiah 40:8…  “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever.” 

I find that generally, people today are pretty short-sighted.  They buy things (well, we all do) that won’t last but might give temporary pleasure (like that ice cream cone)! And the ice cream is OK, but words go DEEPER than does ice cream. Words can penetrate our hearts and minds, and spirits.  Words can be calming or alarming.  Upsetting or soothing.  Challenging or helpful.

Here in this verse, we come to a kind of crossroads again.  For If it’s true that “the word of the Lord remains forever,” then wouldn’t the natural, logical response be, “Great! Then I’ll spend more time with God’s words!”  Yes, that would logically be THE best answer.

But people are irrational, pleasure-seeking, unbelieving, and self-centered.  Relatively FEW people in this world of 7.8 billion people are spending any time reading God’s Word.  To say nothing of how few of those are trying to DO His Word.

But, HIS words last. If we’re smart, that’s where our focus should be.

Prayer: LORD, sometimes I forget how temporary this life is compared to YOU. And that YOU have given us both your Son and your Word.  Help me to treasure both Jesus and Your Word.  Amen.