40 Days of Promise | Day 26

Dr Jim Brown's TruNorth Devotional
40 Days of Promise
Day 26 | HE is For Us | Romans 8:31-32
These words are challenging for many to accept since our weak hearts are prone to unbelief.  Plus, we all know how imperfect we are, even if we’ve been born again.  We know that we are called to be “Followers of Jesus,” but most honestly would acknowledge we have a long way to go.
What a promise though for God, our Heavenly Father, to say in essence, that Since HE is for us, NO ONE can be successful against us! (Yet, the Enemy keeps trying ALL the time.)
Then, we are reminded that since God offered up His only Son, the best and highest gift that He could give, why would anyone expect to NOT also receive from the LORD everything else we need to live the life that HE desires us to live?
Earlier this year, we had some exterior stucco work done on our home.  I watched as the workers unloaded ALL these tools that they needed for the job. And sure enough, they finished the job perfectly.
Consider this… The LORD has a job he wants you to do for Him.  But He has not left you without the tools necessary to DO what He wants you to do.  Just reach out, ASK and expect to receive what you need to live the life He wants you to live. 
What grace!

PRAYER: LORD, thank You for supplying ALL my needs.  Show me daily how to be a better Follower and use what you’ve provided me for Your honor and glory.  Amen.