3rd John

What was the early church like?  We know a lot about its early leaders, such as apostles Paul and Peter; but what about the average Christians themselves?  Were they more spiritual than Christians today?  Did they experience the kind of problems seen so often in churches today?

Several books of the New Testament reflect the life of the early church, and this is especially true of The Third Epistle of John.  It is a private letter, between “The Elder” and a Christian named Gaius. It provides portraits of four different men, and in so doing gives us a glimpse of 1st century life in local churches.

When one examines the portraits found in this letter, we learn that there is not much difference between people back then, and in the church today. Therefore this epistle is very relevant, though we may live almost 2000 years later.

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June 25, 2017
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“The Book of 3rd John”
Pastor Jim Brown