True North

with Dr Jim Brown




Ever watched the TV show “Let’s Make A Deal?”  (I must admit, I haven’t watched in YEARS!) 

However, in the game (as I remember it); people got to choose a DOOR or an ENVELOPE or sometimes a BOX to see which “deal” they were getting.  Sometimes there were AMAZING prizes behind “Door A” … but other times only a “white elephant” of sorts.

Yet, people got to CHOOSE.

So, how are you choosing to live today?

Are you thinking about the Lord and filling your life with faith, hope and love, or have you chosen the “white elephant” of fear, doubt and worry?

You see, those sets of attitudes or feelings are OPPOSITE of one another; yet – YOU and I get to choose. Every day, every minute, in every situation, we get to choose how we want to live, react, feel, be.

How to you get more “faith, hope and love” in your life?

The keys are: (1) Your relationship to Jesus Christ and (2) Where you put your focus.

The Bible is TRUE – whether a person believes in God or the Bible or not.  Truth is truth.  BUT, the Truth becomes ALIVE when one accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior. God’s Spirit can and will help us to better understand and grow.

But then daily, we need to control our focus and make sure at least part of each day is on the Lord and His Word.  Further, I always suggest getting one’s focus OFF of the NEWS and the frustrating issues of life about which we can usually do nothing but pray.  Yes, we live IN this world; but we need not be OF this world.  We need to control our FOCUS.

So here’s my prescription for a life filled MORE with faith, hope and love and LESS of fear, doubt and worry:

The 1% Solution…

Spend 1% of your day – a mere 15 minutes – in Prayer, Word and Pondering. By that I mean Prayer (talking to God); reading God’s Word (listening to God) and then Pondering (thinking or meditating deeply about what you’ve prayed and read).  (Practical hint: if you don’t read the Bible much, you might start your reading with Matthew, Mark, Luke or John or perhaps Psalms or Proverbs.  All pretty easy to read and understand.)

Do this, and over time you WILL find that your life is filled more with Jesus and Faith, Hope and Love.

Prayer: Father I desire more faith, hope and love in my life. I want my relationship with You to grow.  Therefore I’m asking that You help me to pray more, read Your Word more and ponder and think about You more.  Amen.