True North

with Dr Jim Brown

“I’m Not Tired”


As a young boy I remember liking to play.  I could get so involved in playing with my friends that when mom called “time to come in and eat,” often times I didn’t want to stop playing.  However, I’d come in, wash my hands, sit, quick prayer and then dig in.  Then, I’d want to run out again and play some more.


Mom was wise and could read us three kids pretty well.  She could tell when we were fine, hurt, upset or tired.  So when I would get cranky, she’d say in that “mom way” – “Ok, time to come in.” 


“Come in?”  I was incredulous (though as a 9 year old I didn’t get that word, but none the less, I was!)


But – mom knew best. She was right.  I was tired and showed it by not behaving like myself – all signs of being tired and needing some rest.  (Smart mom!)


There are some things that only REST can fix.


We all need REST.  God – who doesn’t get tired – even demonstrated REST in the process of Creation.  “On the seventh day, God rested.”  (Genesis 1)  As a good, loving Father, He modeled REST which HE didn’t need … for us who desperately need REST.


God created us with needing to SLEEP every day.  Sure, we can skip a day or two – but then we start falling apart mentally, physically, socially and in other ways.


But besides sleep, we need REST … similar, but different.


Today, we’re bombarded with electronic gadgets which constantly interrupt our lives throughout the day and seduce us to fixate on them and give THEM our attention. In exchange, they give us entertainment, connectivity, information and more.


But … they don’t give us REST.  And they don’t give us … “Our Father who art in heaven.”


In this famous verse above, God tells us (like He did in Genesis 1) that we need to REST (or “wait upon the Lord”).  Then He promises some amazing things.


For those who DO wait upon the Lord, they shall RENEW their strength … and walk and run and be able to PLAY again!


If you’re running like you’re needing a recharge; here’s the formula. Read that verse above again.  Do what it says.  RENEW yourself.  Your phone can’t do that … but God can.


Prayer: Lord, help me to regularly spend time with you and LEARN to REST in You.  I need Your renewal and I thank You for offering it to me.  Amen.