True North

with Dr Jim Brown

Look around you.  See anyone who looks like they’re feeling DOWN?
Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe their health.  Maybe a family issue.  Maybe something else.
ENCOURAGEMENT is always appreciated in life.  I have yet to find anyone who rejects my encouraging them in some way.  Usually just a kind word, or perhaps a word of prayer, or maybe a verse of Scripture.  Maybe saying something funny helps (and I always remember that humor is part of His design too)!
Our world is way more complicated today than 100 years ago.
Too much technology, too much news, too many emails, and texts, too many issues to deal with.
But, this Proverb takes us right back to the SIMPLE: “a GOOD word“ … could be an encouraging word … a supportive word … a complimentary word … a kind word.
YOU could choose to say something encouraging to someone today, and perhaps you already have (and then there’s always tomorrow)!
Ask the Lord to help you be sensitive to people around you who NEED some encouraging words.  It costs nothing but a little sensitivity on the Encourager’s part – and the dividends are huge!

Prayer: Lord, use me as You choose to encourage people You put in my life who need an encouraging word.  Amen.