True North

with Dr Jim Brown


Isn’t it amazing how in the winter how short the days are and how early it gets dark?  Now the fact is that most people prefer the light and although the four seasons do keep us from getting bored, the dark (and the cold) are not most people’s favorite time. 

You see that often with little children who get scared at night of the unknown and run into their parent’s bedroom for protection!

As we get older, we can’t do that much anymore – but people still become frightened by the unknown, perhaps a doctor’s diagnosis, a passing of a loved one, a failed business … the list seems endless.

This is where we who are followers of God can prove helpful!

As this Scripture infers, we can (and should) let our LIGHT shine in the darkness!  We can do that – this verse from Psalm 112 says, by being generous, compassionate and righteous.

Wow.  Simple – and yet we can be God’s light for somebody, somewhere and perhaps keep someone from stumbling badly.

Prayer: Lord, help me to remember that you have called me to be Your representative here on Planet Earth and that many around me (even adults) are still scared of the darkness and need Your light shining through me.  Help me to recognize that need and do what I can to meet it.  Amen.