True North

with Dr Jim Brown


We all WANT it. We all NEED it.  We are all SEARCHING for it.
This time of year, some are looking in the malls or online or in catalogs.  Looking for the “next big thing” in their list of acquisitions.  Some are thinking PEACE may be part and parcel to having a new CAR in the garage or a CRUISE to somewhere or a CARAVAN to a new country.
But when the angels appeared to the shepherds, they weren’t praising a place or a thing or a trip. They weren’t suggesting automatic peace or perfection or a lack of worries.  They were pointing to a person, THE Person, the ONE and only.  They were pointing to Jesus.
Today, with the constant barrage of bad news, more and more people are LOOKING for peace.  Sadly, many are looking in the wrong places.  That old song: “Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places” fits for many today …  most are NOT looking to Jesus, but at things, places and other people for their peace.  (Sigh)
As you approach Christmas this year, realize again, afresh or perhaps for the first time, that looking for peace anywhere other than where the angels said to look (Jesus Christ) is looking for peace in all the wrong places.
Prayer: Father, help me to look at Jesus Christ – your only begotten Son – for the peace I so want in my life.  Amen.