True North

with Dr Jim Brown



    Not a favorite word or goal for most people.  And we – at least in this country – are some of the most impatient people on the planet.  Yes, I sometimes have to get ahold of myself too – when I see that I am exhibiting impatience with things like: stop lights, slow traffic, long store lines and more. THEN, when I realize my impatience, and think about how SMALL a deal this is especially when compared to the woes many on the planet are facing, I stop myself (from being impatient and feeling sorry for myself) and instead THANK GOD for what I have and the privileges and blessings I have in life. God LOVES us and – like any good parent – wants the BEST for us.  The big difference though: He actually KNOWS what is best for us in the short and long term.  He knows what’s around the next corner and what we’ll be facing in 30, 60 or 10000 days from now. This verse from James reminds us all that part of growing UP spiritually is to develop patience and wait for God to do what God can do.  He really does want us to be perfect and complete and to lack nothing.  AND, He knows the steps – and timing – needed to get us there.

Prayer: Lord, thank YOU for loving me and caring about me – more than anyone can. Forgive me my impatience and remind me – as often as necessary – that YOU do know what’s best and what the best timing for me as well.  Amen.