About Us

Our mission is simple: “To lead people into becoming fully developed followers of Jesus.” We accomplish this by sharing Christ and loving people.

Come meet our Pastoral Team – Dr Jim and Debbie Brown!

“Inspiring” “Uplifting” “Solidly Bible-oriented” “New insight” “Practical” “Really spoke to me” “I’ve attended church since a child, but that was a new and exciting insight” “Encouraging” … are some of the comments about our church services and our pastor. Pastor Jim is energized, funny, and a gifted communicator who has a knack for delivering inspired Bible-based messages that touch hearts and heads and speak to where people live and what’s going on there.

Debbie is gifted vocally and administratively and adds her touch of leadership and perspective that helps make our church unique. A comment recently heard was: “She is the most involved pastor’s wife I have EVER seen!”

The Browns have lived in Lake San Marcos for several years, have married daughters, son-in-laws, grandkids and other family members in the local area and are involved, engaged and invested in our community on a number of levels.

For instance, Dr Jim currently serves on the Lake San Marcos Community Association Board and writes monthly for the Quail Call.

The Lake Church has been here in Lake San Marcos for quite a few years – initially known as the United Church of Lake San Marcos. We are well established and well known. Through the years, things have changed. Our community has grown, many new churches have sprouted up and styles of music in most churches has changed! Some churches have started, others have closed.

WE are still here, serving our neighborhood. We have reinvented ourselves and are teaching the Word of God and singing praises to His name.

BE OUR GUEST … some Sunday morning at 10am at the Lake San Marcos Pavilion overlooking beautiful Lake San Marcos. You may find our relaxed yet traditional leaning service to be comfortable and a “bit like home.” It’s always special worshiping the Lord with your neighbors and being a part of a church that is ALIVE!

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